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A About Gotel

About Gotel Communications limited

We are a communication outfit based in Yola, Adamawa state, offering first class television/radio broadcast services with state of the art equipment. We have the latest UHF, Dual direct Digital AM Transmitters with strong signals received all over Adamawa state and beyond, transmitting on channel 36 (UHF) on frequency 591.25 MHZ (Television) 917 KHZ on MW Band, 91.1FM Band.

Gotel Communications recognizes the importance of content in broadcasting and has taken this challenge up as a management function with the mindset that without quality content, it will be difficult to sustain and retain viewers/listeners.

Our contents are designed to reflect rapid changes in the world, to address the issue of social changes, highlight social ills, promote democracy, encourage religious tolerance and enhance national unity.

Our regular programmes and comprehensive newscast are carefully planned and scheduled with media buyers in mind to showcase their products and services to local, national and international markets,.

Corporate Culture

Professionalism and excellence shall be the guiding principle for corporate existence of Gotel Communications Limited

Our Business Relationship

  • Gotel Communications has built its business relationship on strong professional ethics and principles which is the hallmark of any successful business organization
  • As part of our corporate culture, Gotel Communications will exhibit high relationship skills and standards in managing its business relationship to the overall interest of its client.
  • With Gotel communications commanding the air waves in the North East, the business community can now reposition its business to effectively reach local, national and international markets.
  • Partnering with Gotel Communications gives you the mileage of reaching an amazing audience in and around North East.
  • We offer the best of radio and television broadcast services in terms of excellence and quality

Core Values

  • Professionalism
  • Excellence
  • Balance and objective
  • Accountability
  • Credibility


  1. The first commercial Radio (AM/FM) and TV Station in Adamawa State with the state of the art engineering facilities and sound professionals.
  2. High Quality/excellent Broadcasting services that is better and efficient
  3. Strong, progressive and innovative management team
  4. Gotel Communications Limited have highly responsible, dedicated and experienced workforce.
  5. Our signals can be received in every nook and cranny of Adamawa state and beyond.
  6. Our strength also lay in our charity, high quality, dynamic presentation of news, current affairs and programmes that are rooted in culture of the people reflecting their realities and aspirations.

Mission and Vision

To provide the highest quality programming in Nigeria that educates, enlightens, inspire viewers and listeners and also increases the world’s understanding of African issues and contributions.

Contact Information

Gotel Communications Ltd,
Modire Hills,
Off Mubi Expressway,
Adamawa State,


Contact no: