Tuesday, 28 November 2023

SYRIAN CIVIL WAR: Thousands Evacuated As Rebels Surrender

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Thousands of Eastern Ghouta residents continue to evacuate from the besieged enclave, after large groups of residents already left towns and villages in the Damascus suburb in the past days.


Buses carrying about 500 residents and fighters were seen leaving the Irbin corridor, with hundreds more expected to leave.

Two out of three rebel groups that had been controlling the enclave since 2013 have already surrendered, with thousands of fighters and their relatives departing for opposition-held areas in Idlib, a province in the country's north. 

On Saturday, More than 900 opposition fighters and their families were evacuated as part of an evacuation deal that was reached between the Russian army and two main rebel groups in the area.

25 buses have been sent to the outskirts of Irbin to transport residents from towns and surrounding areas towards opposition-held territory in the country's north.

The people remaining in Douma face limited access to food and medicine and will likely face a new set of challenges there, as Syrian military and Russian air raids on Idlib have increased in the past week. 

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