Tuesday, 28 November 2023

BREXIT: Theresa May vows to keep UK strong and united

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Theresa May has pledged to keep the United Kingdom strong and united after Brexit as she marks a year to go until her country depart from the European Union.

The PM is to visit England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, appealing to those for and against Brexit.

There are just months left to strike a deal on the future UK-EU relationship.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair a strong backer of UK membership of the EU said it is more likely than a few months ago that Brexit could be stopped, saying it was not too late.

On 29 March 2019, the UK will formally leave the EU and is due to enter a 21-month transition period during which much of the current arrangements continue, before the final permanent post-membership relationship is due to kick-in.

Since formal negotiations began between the two sides last June, an agreement has been struck on a Brexit divorce bill but the crucial issue of how they will trade together in the longer term has yet to be settled.

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