Tuesday, 28 November 2023

SAUDI ARABIA: Country to fine N48m for spying on spouse’s phone

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Spying on your spouse’s phone in Saudi Arabia now carries a 133, 000 dollars fine and up to a year in prison, under a new law that aims to “protect morals of individuals and society and protect privacy’’.


The punishment would apply to both men and women in the ultra-conservative Muslim kingdom, according to a statement on Tuesday by the ministry of culture.

It could tend to protect husbands from their wives.

As in many other parts of the Muslim world, Saudi laws on divorce, inspired by scripture, often required wives seeking alimony to provide evidence of abuse or sexual promiscuity.

A husband’s phone could be a rich source of such evidence.

The Anti-Cybercrime Law says “spying on, interception or reception of data transmitted through an information network or a computer without legitimate authorisation” is a crime.

It imposes a penalty up to 133, 000 dollars, prison or both.


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