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Tagbo’s Death: Why We Re-Invited Davido – Police Commissioner

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Tagbo’s Death: Why We Re-Invited Davido – Police Commissioner

The Lagos State Police Command has revealed why Davido was re-invited for questioning over the death of one of his friends, Tagbo Umeike.


This comes a few weeks after Tagbo died at a bar in Lagos while his corpse was reportedly dumped at the premises of the General Hospital, Lagos Island.

Acting Commissioner of Police in the state, Mr Imohimi Edgar, told reporters at a press briefing on Wednesday that the result of the investigations carried out by the police contradicted Davido’s claims on the death of his friend.

Recalling how it happened, Edgar said, “On September 3, 2017, at about 0920hrs, the Chief Security Officer of General Hospital, Lagos, one Oparanti Moshood, alleged and alerted the DPO (Lion Building) that an unidentified male was brought in dead (BID) in an ash colour Toyota Camry saloon car with identification number LSD 738 El.

“The victim was alleged to have been brought in by two unidentified males. The DPO Lion Building who raced to the scene was able to identify the victim as one Tagbo Umeike from the international passport found in the victim’s vehicle.

“Shortly, thereafter, you are all aware that one Caroline Danjuma, an actress and the victim’s fiancé, published on her Instagram page that her boyfriend died in the company of friends amongst whom was one David Adeleke, a.k.a Davido.”

The Police Commissioner said he consequently convened a pre-investigation meeting which was attended by family and friends of the deceased, his girlfriend and Davido, as well as the DPO Lion Building and other investigating police officers.

According to him, the meeting confirmed that the deceased had drinks with friends at a bar, including Davido while the bartender who served them the drinks “confirmed that the deceased had as much as 40 tucks of tequila and exhibited clear signs of drunkenness.”

Edgar further said, “The CCTV footage which I called for from the bar also showed that the deceased was quarrelsome and even violent. In that same meeting, Davido confirmed that he left Shisha Bar without the deceased to a nightclub known as DNA in Victoria Island; he stated that he was only informed by some mutual friends of the victim’s death at DNA club.”

He, however, said investigation conducted into the incident revealed that one Tunde Yusufu who supposedly drives Davido’s escort vehicle, accompanied by one Agbaje Olaoye and one Idris Busari – both Davido’s friends, “took the deceased to General Hospital, Lagos Island and abandoned him in his vehicle on the instructions of the singer.”

He also said the CCTV footage at the hospital captured the entire activities and that the vehicle was subsequently recovered from Davido’s residence.

“These new revelations completely debunk Davido’s claims that he did not know how the deceased got to General Hospital, Lagos. For this reason, I have instructed the DPO Lion Building and the investigating team to again invite Davido and question him in line with these new findings.

“It is our intention to know why the victim was taken to General Hospital, Lagos dumped and those who took him there fled the location without as much as notifying the hospital authorities or reporting to the police; that calls for questioning.


“As I speak to you, Davido has been invited for questioning and is currently with the DPO Lion Building and the investigating team. Autopsy has been conducted and the preliminary interim autopsy report reveals that the victim died of ‘asphyxia’ which in layman’s term means suffocation. At the end of this fresh round of investigations, I will again let Lagosians known about our findings”, the Police Commissioner added.


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